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  • Hand crafted from the finest furniture grade Birch ply.
  • High resolution Laser etched details and logos. 
  • Genuine Pro-Bolt Titanium fasteners, custom made for the SP7s. 
  • Seat from the same high-grade leather used on the SP7.
  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Limited production run with uniquely engaged chassis plate. 

Saroléa SP7s balance bike

  • A balance bike may be regarded as a child’s toy, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be a thing of beauty. The limited edition Saroléa SP7s balance bike is a genuine piece of exquisite art in wood, leather and precious metal. It is hand built by the actual SP7 development team in the same workshop in Belgium and finished to the same exacting standards as the grown-up version. 


    Each bike requires more than ten hours of skilled hand work. Twenty-eight individual pieces of top quality furniture-grade birch plywood are used in the meticulous build process and these are bolted together by 24 custom-machined Pro-Bolt titanium fasteners. 


    Even the seat of the SP7s continues the design scheme of the full size SP7 by using exactly the same high-grade leather – ensuring a luxurious and comfortable ride. The ride height of the SP7s has three different positions so that the bike can grow with its rider.


    As you would expect with such a uniquely made product, each SP7s is fitted with an individual identifying chassis number, engraved on a special plate and screwed into the chassis.


    Each SP7s is built to order, so specifications may be changed according the rider’s particular requirements.


    The SP7s comes fully assembled and carefully mounted in a wooden presentation crate for security, display and protection.

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