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Saroléa and Dunlop in Le Mans showcase

Electric Superbike manufacturer Saroléa are delighted to announce that the ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest) has invited them to attend the prestigious Le Mans 24-hour motorcycle race this year.

Shortly before the start of the race, on Saturday 21st April, the Saroléa SP7 will do two demonstration laps in front of over 75,000 spectators. Guiding the SP7 around the famous 4.185 km circuit will be talented racer Dean Harrison, who has been Saroléa’s development rider for the past three years.

The occasion also marks the official debut of the SP7 on Dunlop tyres, with whom Saroléa has entered a technical partnership. Both parties see this precious cooperation as a valuable R&D tool, which will only enhance their further progress on road and track.

Torsten Robbens (Saroléa CTO)

“When we were looking for a tyre partner to support our project, it was natural that we turned to Dunlop. Dunlop is the most successful tyre manufacturer in endurance racing, and is the reigning FIM Endurance World Champion tyre manufacturer. Our motorcycle has immense torque and requires a tyre that can cope with our unique demands. In testing, the Dunlops provided the grip and durability required for our project.”

Wim Van Achter (Motorcycle Motorsport Manager Dunlop Europe)

“Dunlop is very impressed with the progress and ambition of the Saroléa team. We have significant experience with electric motorcycles, with our tyres having been used by the winners of the Isle of Man TT Zero race. We are proud that Saroléa have chosen us as a partner. It is an exciting partnership – as we both share ambitious goals for the future of electric racing.”

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