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This week the ABB Ability Tour made two stops in Belgium on its way through the Benelux – in Gent and Genk. During this B2B event for ABB customers, Saroléa was invited to showcase its motorcycles alongside the ABB connected technologies such as the Terra 54 quick chargers and the YuMi robots.

The Saroléa bike uses the Terra 54 CJG ABB quick charger - a cost effective multi-standard AC/DC fast charger. The Terra 54 CJG is an all-in-one electric vehicle charging solution, compatible with all CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 AC. It is the ideal choice to serve all vehicles on the road, with typical charging times ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. All chargers come with Connected services - allowing customers to easily connect their chargers to different software systems such as back-offices, payment platforms and energy management solutions via the internet.


Know more, do more, do better, together. ABB Ability ™ is a united and industry-transcending digital offering - ranging from device to edge to cloud - with devices and systems, solutions, services and a platform. It allows customers to know more and achieve more, together with ABB. What does this mean? More than 210 industrial internet solutions: Digitally connected devices, systems and digital support services. An industrial internet technology platform and cloud infrastructure: An open, globally available, digital-industrial ecosystem for customers, partners, suppliers and developers that makes optimal use of Microsoft Azure.