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From prototyping to production: flexible, optimized design and fast customization

  • PolyMaker to support Saroléa 3D printing operations with high-quality materials & engineering assistance

  • PolyMaker to be showcasing a full scale Saroléa N60 on their booth at the FORMNEXT 2019 (19th - 22th November, Frankfurt

At Sarolea, 3D printing is used at every stage of our motorcycle production process.

Teaming up with PolyMaker has proven invaluable as their materials fit directly alongside our material needs as well as desire for working with only the highest quality products.

We use the PolyMaker filaments during the design process to check components and assemblies. We also use printing as rapid tooling to create moulds for carbon fibre components and thanks to the incredible high quality of PolyMaker filament and the expertise of their engineers, certain components on our racing and production bikes are accurately printed. Components that are inhibitively complex and onerous to make with traditional production processes.