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An extraordinary exhibition showcasing a unique selection of design projects using composite materials. The Design Museum Gent is hosting the 2014 prototype Saroléa. Presented in its original form, it reveals the fact that more than 80% of the bike is made from composites. Saroléa electric motorcycles have a monocoque chassis, swing-arm, fairing and other components made entirely out from carbon fibre, which is known for its light weight and superb stiffness. Solvay, Saroléa’s partner in innovative solutions and products including carbon fibre and 3D printing of composites, is also one of the exhibition’s partners.

The exhibition Fibre-fixed takes place from 26th October to the 21st April 2019 at the Design Museum of Gent and has has been curated by professor Ignaas Verpoest (KU Leuven) and Lut Pil (LUCA School of Arts). It focuses on the developments of the past five years, present breakthroughs and also expectations for the coming years. It shows a surprising overview of what is possible when fibres are combined with (bio) plastic forms. These composite material designs take place in the context of current challenges: global warming, ecological impact, sustainability, mobility, ageing population and digitalisation.

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