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Dorna test the SP7 with Loris Capirossi at the Aragon MotoGP

Last Thursday, during the Aragon MotoGP weekend, Loris Capirossi took the Saroléa SP7 around the track in a private testing session under the watchful eyes of the Dorna CEO, Mr Ezpeleta.

Dorna’s plans for the new electric race series are for a one-make cup which will take place in 2019 on a number of the European MotoGP rounds. And this during the first three years.

The Italian multiple world champion was delighted with the control and handling of the SP7. "Loris Capirossi seemed impressed with the motors character and the relatively low weight of the bike." said Bjorn Robbens. "He already tested other bikes that qualify for this cup, and I suspect they had heavier motorcycles.

We dare to say that we are on the shortlist, along with US company Lightning, the Italian firm Energica, and probably another player such as Mahindra or KTM.” The Dorna should render their decision within the end of next month.

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Photo credits: Mirco Lazzari

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