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Zoute Grand-Prix

The famous Zoute Grand-Prix 2017 was held from the 5th to 8th October and Sarolea was kindly invited to be there by the Cafmeyer Art Gallery.

Surrounded by magnificent sculptures and works of art, both our fans and potential buyers could see the Saroléa SP7, which has recently been tested by Loris Capirossi in Aragon for the upcoming E-MotoGP series.

Sarolea had pride of place in the window display of the Cafmeyer Art Gallery. The SP7 was flanked by a Classic 1928 Saroléa 350cc road bike.

It didn’t take long for the true enthusiasts among the visitors to start talking about the Saroléa heritage.

Among the many visitors was a collector, after seeing the SP7 and the teaser previews of the MANX7, he left with an appetite for adding one of the new road-going Saroléa MANX7 motorcycles to his classic collection!

Of course a lot of attention went to the SP7. This race bike, which has been competing on the Isle of Man TT since 2014, serves as development platform for the MANX7 road bikes.

Literally hundreds of people came to see the team and the bikes. The team took the time to address the visitors questions. Being able to get so close to the SP7, many were impressed with the carbon-fibre chassis and swingarm. A quick twist of the throttle and instant torque spinning the back wheel saw some excited faces as they had a glimpse of just how much power the full electric SP7 has in store.

Probably the most surprising specifications that people left with, was when we informed them on the range and the quick charging possibilities of the road-going MANX7.

All in all, it was a busy and wonderful Zoute Grand-Prix for everyone attending the event.

We would like to thank the Cafmeyer family for their incredible generosity and hospitality in their gallery. We are already looking forward attending the Zoute Grand-Prix 2018!

More info on Cafmeyer Gallery :

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